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My name is Einav Getraide, cycling and running coach.

I have been coaching for 15 years and led hundreds of trainees – adults and kids - to achieve personal goals.


I help people run and cycle further, get stronger and achieve their targets. Most importantly, I help people enjoy exercising and feel good about themselves.


The driving force behind my projects is to introduce sports into the lives of my trainees, on the way to an active, sporty, and healthy lifestyle. 


Some of my projects:

  • Online Running Communities: Building online running communities at the workplace through an easy-to-use app. Helping people to adopt an active lifestyle and achieve their goals, while strengthening their connection to the organization. 

  • Adidas Israel: senior coach at the "Adidas Runners" community, Established the  "Adidas School of Running".

  • Lecturer: Developing and Conducting innovation workshops through running. A collaboration with Boost CEO Idit Biton. The lecture was held in academic institutions and companies around the country.

  • Kids cycling groups in collaboration with the municipality of Petah Tikva. The cycling groups are suitable for kids ages 6-16. The project enables kids to enjoy a two-hour professional cycling training a week, raise their self-esteem, and accomplish mental triumphs and success.

  • UCI Bicycle judge. 

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